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facial scar removal plastic surgery
Factors that Affect Scar Revision The right treatment approach for a facial scar and the overall improvement in appearance depend
Earlobe Repair Surgery
Examples of Earlobe Damage Regularly wearing heavy earrings can drag the earlobes down and widen the piercing entries. With time,
blepharoplasty eyelid surgery
Blepharoplasty Target Areas A blepharoplasty can be performed on the lower or upper eyelids, or both, to address concerns including:
Ear Surgery
Otoplasty: Treatable Conditions Otoplasty can correct several aesthetic imperfections of the ears, including: Oversized ears, including those caused by the
Septoplasty Surgery
Deviated Septum Effects When the nasal septum—that little stretch of bone and cartilage between the nostrils—is displaced, a number of
Nose Job Surgery New York
Rhinoplasty Target Areas Rhinoplasty is a versatile procedure that can alter: The general size and symmetry of the nose to
brow lift woman
Brow Lift Benefit A brow lift, which is sometimes referred to as a forehead lift, can improve the appearance of
older lady, facelift
Facelift Candidates Good candidates for facelifts generally exhibit some combination of the following traits: Loose, sagging facial skin Loose, hanging
brachioplasty surgery
Brachioplasty Benefits A brachioplasty offers practical benefits as well as aesthetic ones. The heavy, sagging skin that accumulates after major