Dr. Nabil Kiridly plastic surgeon
Nabil Kiridly
Dr Kridly has been practicing plastic and reconstructive surgery for over 20 years.  He is very passionate about breast reconstructive surgery.  He  feels that helping women resort their confidence and beauty is his highest priority.
Dr. Kridly and his team of plastic surgeons perform all aspects of breast reconstruction, including direct implant, tissue expansion and autologous tissue reconstruction.
Dr. Kridly has been the chief of Plastic surgery at Long Island Community Hospital for over 10 years and had previously served as chief of Plastic Surgery at St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center.
Seeing his patients smile is the most gratifying accomplishment in his career.
Mila Kote of Precision Medical Arts
Mila Kote
                       PLASTIC SURGERY IS AN ART. ​​

  I see plastic surgery as an art form. Being born, raised and educated in Russia, I had received extensive exposure to Greek, Roman, and Renaissance art, the art that detailed human anatomy and idealized female beauty. The works of Michelangelo, Botticelli, and Caravaggio had influence my perception of beauty and elegance.
Coming to USA in my mid twenties I was faced with harsh economic realities that hindered my artistic pursuit. Medicine though seemed to be very cold and exact science without much space for creativity. It took me years to figure out where I could put my Old World ideals and Renaissance philosophies to use.  My intense desire for perfection coupled with a deep appreciation for female beauty was a major factor In my decision to pursue plastic surgery as a career.
In addition to pursuing plastic surgery as a career, I became an avid collector of modern art that captured eternal femininity both as mortal woman and as mythological goddess . Works of Peter Nixon, Emile Bellet, Chaba Marcus and Joseph Kote caught my eye and pleased my soul.
My natural instinct for aesthetics, deep appreciation for beauty, and intense desire for perfection combined with the latest techniques are applied to facial and body sculpting including facelift and eye lid surgery, breast augmentation, reduction and lifting, tummy tucks, liposuction, body tightening after weight loss and labiaplasty.
Juan Jose Gilbert
The joy of helping others
Dr. Gilbert has passion for helping others, finding joy in being able to restore his patients from the consequences of cancer or trauma, improving the way they look and feel about themselves, being able to bring this happiness to his patients fuels his day.
Dr. Gilbert finds passion in every aspect of plastic surgery, from when he is improving the aesthetic outlook in an elective cosmetic case, to the time at the emergency room when he is reconstructing a face.
Early on in his career Dr. Gilbert volunteered his time aiding people in third world countries providing specialized plastic surgery care. He  has developed his own Plastic Surgery Mission, offering free breast reconstruction for breast cancer survivors in Ecuador, where patients do not have access to microvascular breast reconstruction.
Being able to improve a patient’s’ life by either restoring what cancer took away or by improving the aesthetic aspect of a patient’s face is what drives his motivation to become better everyday.
Dr. Gilbert also enjoys teaching at and participating in academic conferences. He holds an active academic appointment at LSU (Louisiana State University) where he completed his microvascular surgery training.
Dr. Thomas Armocida plastic surgeon