Thigh Lift

Thigh Lift

A thigh lift eliminates loose, sagging skin and excess fat from the thighs and provides smoother, more proportionate contours.

Thigh lifts can be beneficial to those who have lost a substantial amount of weight, and they are common for those who have undergone bariatric surgery. If you lost significant weight and experienced excess skin and fat gathering around the thighs, the accomplished Long Island plastic surgeons at Precision Medical Arts can help you determine if a thigh lift is right for you.

Thigh Lifts and Liposuction

Thigh lifts are designed to remove surplus skin, although liposuction is sometimes performed with a thigh lift to excise fat deposits.

If your skin tone has good elasticity and the volume of excess skin is low compared to excess fat, liposuction alone may be an option. When used as a complement to a thigh lift, liposuction eliminates stubborn fatty tissue and refines the skin tone around the upper legs.

The Thigh Lift Procedure

The surgical approaches and incision placements for thigh lifts vary depending on the extent and location of excess skin, as well as other individual factors.

Thigh lift incisions are often made in the groin along the inner thighs and extend around the back of the thighs. In some cases, a smaller incision in the groin area may be sufficient; in others, incisions may be made on the outer thighs around the hips.

The excess skin is then reduced, and the underlying tissue is tightened and shaped. The remaining outer skin is repositioned and contoured.

Thigh Lift Results

The results of a thigh lift are immediately visible, although they may be obscured by temporary swelling and bruises. You’ll gradually notice the improved proportion and skin tone as you recover in the weeks following your thigh lift surgery.

As you heal, your thighs will also feel as good as they look since you won’t experience the chafing caused by sagging, excess skin. Thigh lift scars are generally well concealed, although some residual scarring will remain.

If you engage in a healthy lifestyle and maintain a stable weight range, the results of your thigh lift will be largely permanent. Though some loss of skin tone and skin elasticity is natural with age.

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