Juan Jose Gilbert

Personal Statement:

The joy of helping others
Dr. Gilbert has a passion for helping others; finding joy in being able to restore his patients from the consequences of cancer or trauma; improving the way they look and feel about themselves, and being able to bring this happiness to his patients’ fuels his day.
Dr. Gilbert finds passion in every aspect of plastic surgery. From when he is improving the aesthetic outlook in an elective cosmetic case, to the time at the emergency room when he is reconstructing a face.
Early on in his career, Dr. Gilbert volunteered his time aiding people in third world countries providing specialized plastic surgery care. He has developed his own Plastic Surgery Mission, offering free breast reconstruction for breast cancer survivors in Ecuador, where patients do not have access to microvascular breast reconstruction.
Being able to improve a patient’s life by either restoring what cancer took away or by improving the aesthetic aspect of a patient’s face is what drives his motivation to become better every day.
Dr. Gilbert also enjoys teaching at and participating in academic conferences. He holds an active academic appointment at LSU (Louisiana State University) where he completed his microvascular surgery training.

Full Biography:

Dr. Gilbert is the latest addition to the Precision Medical Arts practice. Originally from Ecuador, he completed medical school in 2005 at the prestigious Universidad Catolica de Guayaquil, finishing amongst the top of his class. There, he published his graduation thesis on the diagnosis of genetic BRCA mutations and served as the president of the University Student Council. After graduating from medical school, Dr. Gilbert completed a residency in General Surgery at Northwell Health System – Hofstra University, followed by a Plastic Surgery residency at The Long Island Plastic Surgical Group with Stony Brook University – Nassau University Medical Center.
In pursuing his passion for advanced surgical reconstruction, Dr. Gilbert completed his fellowship in Microvascular Surgery at Louisiana State University. There, he mastered microvascular and non-microvascular breast reconstruction as well as complex trauma reconstruction under the mentorship of Dr. Robert Allen Sr., renowned for his creation of the DIEP flap.
Dr. Gilbert is an avid educator, researcher, and philanthropist. Aside from participating in several surgical missions in Central and South America, he has initiated philanthropic education efforts in Ecuador, training surgeons in microvascular techniques to provide advanced care to patients who otherwise would not have such opportunities, providing free care for cancer patients at the same time. Dr. Gilbert executes these missions in conjunction with the Department of Plastic Surgery at the Louisiana State University, where he maintains an academic appointment as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery.
In addition to advanced breast reconstruction, Dr. Gilbert specializes in a wide variety of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery procedures, including facial plastic surgery, body contouring, and breast augmentation.