Face Lift

Face Lift

The natural loss of skin tone that accompanies aging often shows earliest and most visibly on the face and around the neck. A face lift can restore smooth contours and taut skin tone for a more youthful you.

The plastic surgeons at Precision Medical Arts have considerable experience in face lift procedures backed by advanced knowledge of craniofacial anatomy. Like other plastic surgery treatments, face lifts are highly individualized, and our Plastic Surgeons will work closely with you to create a custom plan based on your unique facial structure and aesthetic desires.

Facelift Candidates

Good candidates for facelifts generally exhibit some combination of the following traits:
  • Loose, sagging facial skin
  • Loose, hanging skin along the browline
  • Creases below the eyes
  • Folds or creases along the sides of the nose that extend to the corners of the mouth
  • Drooping skin on the sides of the lower face, or “jowls”
  • Excess skin and fat below the jaw that creates a so-called “double chin”
  • Loose, excess skin around the neck
Ideal facelift candidates are nonsmokers who are in good general health and have realistic expectations. A facelift won’t alter your appearance, and it will not permanently stop signs of facial aging. A facelift is intended to restore youthful tone and contours.

The Facelift Procedure

While facelift procedures vary depending on each patient’s individual needs and preferences, there are fundamental similarities among the different facelift approaches.
Facelifts include the removal of excess skin and fat from the affected area. The underlying muscle tissue is tightened, and the skin is then repositioned and stretched taut.
Often, a facelift will include a neck lift to excise the sagging bands of skin that tend to gather around the neck. This provides a refined jawline and smooth neck. A neck lift may also be performed independently of a facelift.

Facelifts and Corresponding Procedures

Many patients who pursue a facelift also benefit from a brow lift or the eyelid surgery known as blepharoplasty.
A brow lift corrects excess skin that hangs from the forehead and causes the eyebrows to descend over the eyes. A blepharoplasty is a perfect complement to many facelifts because it removes the loose skin and extra fat that can cause the eyelids to droop and appear puffy, making you look chronically tired or prematurely older than you are.

Facelift Results

With a healthful lifestyle and good skincare, the effects of your facelift will remain for years to come. With age, as the skin gradually loses its tone and falls with gravity, some patients eventually seek a revision procedure.
Incision placement for facelifts varies based on the extent of the procedure and whether other procedures are conducted in conjunction with the facelift. The incisions and their resulting scars are concealed along the natural lines of the face, though the location will differ depending on the specifics of your facelift.
Your surgeon will review your recovery guidelines and expectations with you in detail, and our entire team will be here to help you throughout the recovery process.
The plastic surgeons at Precision Medical Arts are dedicated to providing beautiful, natural-looking facelift results. Please contact us today to learn more about the facelift procedure or schedule your consultation.