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Tummy Tuck Surgery
Tummy Tuck Expectations For the right patients, a tummy tuck can successfully treat the appearance of: Loose stomach skin and
During DIEP flap surgery, an incision is made along your bikini line and a portion of skin, fat, and blood
body lift plastic surgery
Areas Addressed by a Body Lift Body lifts remove loose folds of skin and fatty deposits that linger after losing
asymetric breast surgery
The Shapes of Breast Asymmetry The term “asymmetrical” applies to a number of factors that may be corrected with breast
breast reconstruction surgery after breast cancer
Breast Cancer and Breast Reconstruction Although breast reconstruction can be performed months or years following breast cancer treatment, it is
breast reduction plastic surgery
The Effects of Heavy Breasts Excess breast tissue can weigh heavily on the body, causing the breasts to progressively droop,
gynecomastia surgery male breast reduction
Gynecomastia Causes Gynecomastia is the result of an imbalance in the hormones testosterone and estrogen, specifically decreased testosterone in comparison
Liposuction Surgery New York
Liposuction Candidacy and Expectations Good liposuction candidates are nonsmokers who are within a healthy weight range and plan to maintain
panniculectomy surgery
Causes and Effects of Pannus Pannus can develop in those who are obese, and it is often a side-effect of
Thigh Lift Surgery
Thigh Lifts and Liposuction Thigh lifts are designed to remove surplus skin, although liposuction is sometimes performed with a thigh