Breast Asymmetry Surgery

Breast Asymmetry Surgery

Most women naturally have breasts of slightly varying sizes, and it is often unnoticeable and rarely interferes with quality of life. But some women have breasts that are significantly asymmetrical, which can make you feel out of balance, limit clothing options and affect self-esteem.

If you have breasts that are disproportionate in size or profile, the plastic surgeons at Precision Medical Arts can help you understand your choices and outline a custom treatment plan based on your individual physique and cosmetic goals.

The Shapes of Breast Asymmetry

The term “asymmetrical” applies to a number of factors that may be corrected with breast asymmetry surgery. Forms of breast asymmetry include:

  • Disproportionate breasts based on breast volume
  • Breasts of differing shapes
  • Breasts of differing profiles
  • Dissimilar nipples or areolas

Because each person is unique, so is each treatment for breast asymmetry. Your plastic surgeon will discuss your aesthetic desires and surgical options with you in detail during your consultation. However, there are some shared considerations among breast asymmetry procedures.

Breast Asymmetry Surgical Options

Some women seeking breast asymmetry correction face a relatively simple choice: Augment the smaller breast or reduce the larger breast. Other women may require a customized blend of procedures to achieve optimal results.

Breast asymmetry surgery may include one or more of the following:

  • Breast augmentation with a breast implant to enhance the smaller breast and provide alignment
  • Breast reduction to lessen the volume and size of the larger breast and restore equilibrium
  • Breast lift to raise one or both of the breasts and bring the breasts’ profile into balance
  • Revisions or reductions to the nipples and areolas for uniform proportions

Breast asymmetry surgery may also involve liposuction to remove excess fatty tissue from one breast, or fat transfer to enhance the size and profile of a breast.

Benefits of Correcting Breast Asymmetry

Even with surgery, breasts will never be perfectly even. But breast asymmetry surgery offers a number of benefits.

Bringing the breasts into proper proportion and alignment can improve your physical sense of balance. Having symmetrical breasts can make your bras and clothing fit better, and even expand your wardrobe selection.

Perhaps most importantly, breast asymmetry surgery can make you feel better about how you look to the person who matters most: Yourself.

For more information about breast asymmetry surgery or to schedule your private consultation, please contact Precision Medical Arts.