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The team of highly skilled plastic and reconstructive surgeons at Precision Medical Arts of NY tailor the care of each patient to meet their specific needs.  We offer the full spectrum of cosmetic, reconstructive and hand procedures at all of our office locations.  Each of the surgeons at Precision Medical Arts of NY adhere to the highest standards of care, as the safety of our patients is our primary concern.  Our surgeons and office staff offer personalized treatment plans and guide the patient through each step of the process.  Our goal is to provide the highest level of care to all of our patients while achieving natural and aesthetically beautiful results.


Nabil Kiridly
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon


Dr Kiridly has been practicing plastic and reconstructive surgery for over 20 years.  He is very passionate about breast reconstructive surgery.  He feels that helping women restore their confidence and beauty is his highest priority.

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Mila Kote of Precision Medical Arts
Mila Kote
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon; and Hand Surgeon
Dr. Kote, sees plastic surgery as an art form. Being born, raised and educated in Russia, I had received extensive exposure to Greek, Roman, and Renaissance art. The art that detailed human anatomy and idealized female beauty. The works of Michelangelo, Botticelli, and Caravaggio has influence my perception of beauty and elegance..
Juan Jose Gilbert
Aesthetic and Reconstructive Microvascular Surgeon
Dr. Gilbert has passion for helping others; finding joy in being able to restore his patients from the consequences of cancer or trauma; improving the way they look and feel about themselves; and being able to bring this happiness to his patients fuels his day.
Ross Ratner
Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ratner’s passion is to help his patients achieve their goals.  He takes pride in his ability to make significant differences in peoples lives, whether it be through reconstructing wounds from cancer or trauma to changing the way a person feels about themselves through cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Thomas Armocida plastic surgeon

Thomas Armocida


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